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  1. 220L barrel, cut off, blue

    Very durable plastic barrel, cut off, large inlet GUARANTEE 5 YEARS.the video contains a resistance test of a closed barrel full of water...
    500.00 Kč
    413.22 Kč tax excluded
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  2. IBC 1000L GARDEN 15cm on galvanized/plastic/mix

    IBC tank 1000L washed, including a cage on a galvanized (plastic) pallet, suitable for utility and rainwater for your garden, or...
    2,300.00 Kč
    1,900.83 Kč tax excluded
    Doprava zdarma - časově omezeno
  3. IBC 1000L BAZAR (GARDEN 15cm II. quality)

    BAZAAR condition, limited availability, individual appearance. Sale items. IBC tank 1000L washed, including a cage on a wooden or other...
    1,600.00 Kč
    1,322.31 Kč tax excluded
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Magnesium sulfate 25 kg

Magnesium sulfate, or known in home use as bitter salt, is used in home baths.It is also used in...

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10 490.00 Kč
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30 450.00 Kč
500.00 Kč
413.22 Kč tax excluded
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