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  1. IBC connection set A

    connecting set of IBC tanks WE SHIP THE SET ONLY WITH THE COMPONENTS LISTED set A - for connecting 2 IBCs to a complete connection of 2...
    350.00 Kč
    289.26 Kč tax excluded
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  2. 170.00 Kč
    140.50 Kč tax excluded
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  3. Barrel connecting set

    connection set for overflow from a barrel set includes: grommet, seal, compression coupling, 1x0.18m tube size 32mm
    90.00 Kč
    74.38 Kč tax excluded
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Added carrier PPL
03. 04. 2024

Added new carrier PPL discounted price until about the end of May. Convenient for shipping 25kg bags of pool and other chemicals.

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