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  1. 50L barrel, screw, white with lid

    Very durable plastic barrel, screwable, with tablets for disinfecting water with UN certification We DO NOT SHIP this barrel, sell in...
    90.00 Kč
    74.38 Kč tax excluded
  2. 20 - 30 l plastic canister, different colors, not rinsed

    Very durable plastic canister, not rinsed, after washing and cleaning agents, ONLY PERSONAL COLLECTION IS POSSIBLE - Sizes and made...
    50.00 Kč
    41.32 Kč tax excluded
  3. 50L barrel, screw-on, natural, square

    Plastic barrel, screwable, with tablets for water disinfection, square
    300.00 Kč
    247.93 Kč tax excluded
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