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  1. PeHD pipe with a diameter of 32 mm on a PPS coupling of 1.8 mm

    Price listed for 1m wall thickness 1.8 mm tube diameter 32mm pressure PN6 illustrative image, wall thickness does not match
    40.00 Kč
    33.06 Kč tax excluded
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  2. Downspout flexible pipe meter

     outer / inner diameter 110mm / 94mm 125mm / 108mm Color: black or red - we send according to stock availability (photo is illustrative)
    70.00 Kč
    57.85 Kč tax excluded
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  3. PeHD pipe 100m club - diameter according to your choice

    PeHD tube for compression couplings Price listed for 1m in clubs 100m Wall thickness DN20*2.3mm DN25*2.3mm DN32*2.9mm
    27.00 Kč
    22.31 Kč tax excluded
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