The category contains bazaar products that cannot be shipped.
It is necessary to select them in person and pick them up at the warehouse.
The offer is limited and individual.
Stock availability varies, depending on the branch.
As a rule, they contain individual appearance defects that do not affect the functionality of the product.
Photos are illustrative and actual products are individual.

Best Sellers

  1. 50L barrel, screw, white with lid

    Very durable plastic barrel, screwable, with tablets for disinfecting water with UN certification We DO NOT SHIP this barrel, sell in...
    90.00 Kč
    74.38 Kč tax excluded
    Doprodej zásob
  2. 20 - 30 l plastic canister, different colors, not rinsed

    Very durable plastic canister, not rinsed, after washing and cleaning agents, ONLY PERSONAL COLLECTION IS POSSIBLE - Sizes and made...
    50.00 Kč
    41.32 Kč tax excluded
    Skladem Praha, Břehy
  3. IBC 1000L BAZAR (GARDEN 15cm II. quality)

    BAZAAR condition, limited availability, individual appearance. Sale items. IBC tank 1000L washed, including a cage on a wooden or other...
    1,600.00 Kč
    1,322.31 Kč tax excluded
    množstevní slevy časově omezeny - sleva 10% Břehy

IBC 1000L SEPTIC 15/22cm on wood

Complete with a cage, a wooden pallet and an inner container for a 1000L tank in the septic tank...

Quantity Unit price
2 1,150.00 Kč
4 1,100.00 Kč
1,200.00 Kč
991.74 Kč tax excluded
čtěte detail produktu, skladem Praha, Břehy
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