We ensure the purchase of IBCs, barrels, pallets and other transport packaging throughout the Czech Republic.

Are you wondering where to go with a one-time or regular supply of barrels, IBC tanks or other similar packaging to your premises?
Whether you run a small or large business, contact us.

We will ensure the removal of the required quantity, even on a regular basis.
It doesn't always have to be second-hand goods.

We buy plastic and metal barrels of all sizes, IBC containers or only their parts, e.g. cages with a pallet

wooden pallets
EUR (120x80), EPAL (120x80), standard (120x80), CP3 (114x114)

Prices are individual by agreement.

Write us your product offer to vykup@navsechno.cz , or call the infoline 608 666 005 .
Depending on the type, condition, number, regularity or one-time event, we will agree on the possibilities of one-time or regular cooperation.