Barrels and barrels are suitable for storing:
fluids (e.g. air during the production of dock piers and buoys),
liquids (e.g. rainwater or diesel), their most common use is as a water barrel ,
solid substances (e.g. yeast or feed - granules for animals and game to protect against rodents and moisture ).

They are most often made of PE-HD high-density polyethylene. Its advantages are mainly toughness, high strength and chemical resistance.

A keg is an alternative for someone who may find an IBC container too large. Here you can find a barrel with a full-circumference lid or a barrel with a small inlet (L-ring).

Our customers most often use a water barrel . Here you will find metal and plastic barrels that are manufactured for industry and therefore meet strict standards for strength and tightness.

For combustibles, we recommend purchasing a metal or plastic barrel with an antistatic inner wall in EX design .

Whether you need to store 200l, 300l or 500l of liquid, we have a solution for you. Barrels can be connected with pipes and couplings, thanks to which you can achieve larger volumes.

The barrels have UN certification, are resistant to UV radiation and are fully recyclable.

alternatively, visit the BAZAR category:

Best Sellers

  1. 40L drum, screw, white

    Very durable plastic barrel, screwable, with tablets for disinfecting water with UN certification
    110.00 Kč
    90.91 Kč tax excluded
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  2. 220L barrel, cut off, blue

    Very durable plastic barrel, cut off, large inlet GUARANTEE 5 YEARS.the video contains a resistance test of a closed barrel full of water...
    500.00 Kč
    413.22 Kč tax excluded
    In Stock
  3. 220L barrel, cut off, galvanized

    Durable tin barrel ideal for gutters, galvanized, cut off, after combustibles.
    600.00 Kč
    495.87 Kč tax excluded
    In Stock

5.8L square bucket

New Plastic Bucket with Polypropylene (PP) LidSquare plastic bucket DL-B 58full capacity 5,800...

70.00 Kč
57.85 Kč tax excluded
Skladem, množstevní slevy
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11.6L square bucket

New Plastic Bucket with Polypropylene (PP) LidSquare plastic bucket DL-B 116full capacity 11,600...

100.00 Kč
82.64 Kč tax excluded
Skladem, množstevní slevy
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