We buy IBCs, drums, pallets and other transport packaging throughout the Czech Republic.

Wondering where to go with a one-off or regular supply of drums, IBC tanks or other similar packaging to your premises?
Whether you run a small or large business, contact us.
We can arrange for the removal of the required quantity, even on a regular basis.
It doesn't always have to be new goods.

We buy plastic and metal barrels of all sizes, IBC containers or just parts of them, e.g. cages with pallet

wooden pallets
EUR (120x80), EPAL(120x80), standard (120x80), CP3 (114x114)

Prices are individual by agreement.
Email us your product offer to vykup@navsechno.cz or call our hotline +420 608 666 005.
Depending on the type, condition, number, regularity or one-time action, we will agree on the possibilities of one-time or regular cooperation.

Added carrier PPL
03. 04. 2024

Added new carrier PPL discounted price until about the end of May. Convenient for shipping 25kg bags of pool and other chemicals.

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